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The Theseus Paradox – David Videcette

The Theseus Paradox is a cracking thriller and a hell of a story! Detective Jake is willing to sacrifice all to find the brain behind the London bombings.


Detective Jake Flannagan #1

Meet detective Jake obsessed with his police work and long-legged women. He is willing to go beyond his job description and not afraid of using unconventional methods when needed. His gut feeling tells him the Police are looking in the wrong direction for the suspects of the 7/7 and 21/7 bomb attacks.  Jake feels the suicide bombers have been set up and knows there is only one way to find the real culprits, the men behind the scenes, by taking a step back and focusing on the bigger picture. That is what he will do and he has no intention of failing…


When Detective Inspector Jake Flannagan of the Metropolitan Anti-Terrorist Branch makes an illegal entry, his instincts tell him something is off. He only needs to find the evidence to satisfy his boss that action is required. It is not a complete shock but certainly very worrying when he finds the house was indeed used to make bombs. The danger is that terrorists can easily make bombs using domestic ingredients such as fertiliser. Even more unnerving – Wasim, the owner of the house, has an advantage of about ten minutes and is on his way with at least one bomb. What can Jake do but follow the car from Leeds to London? Jake desperately needs backup but is unable to contact anyone. Having acted as he has, him being the lone ranger once again, implies no one knows what he is doing or, for that matter, where he is heading. What if I tell you these events took place on the morning of July 7th, 2005? And that Jake ends up in a car accident?

To know why Jake suspects Wasim of being a bomber, we have to go back 16 months to February 2004. Based on information from the Security Service (where Claire, Jake’s girlfriend works) the Anti-Terrorist Branch was asked to help with monitoring a group of people, suspected of being Al-Qaeda operatives. In order to find out their plans, Jake and his colleagues have been watching a house and checking out regular visitors. That was , of course, legal investigation as opposed to this one of July 2005, 16 months later, where he is acting on inside information unofficially given him by Claire – a fact he cannot share with his colleagues, least of all his superior. Therein lies the trouble because Jake, who would not have been the man he is today without his allround experience, wants to stay within the Anti-Terrorist Branch as he feels he belongs there. However, if they find out exactly what he is doing it could mean the end of his career.

Jake is strong headed and always ready to follow a hunch, whether or not he has the evidence to prove his case. Although he is part of a team, to the reader, he is more a lone ranger. He is divorced and has two daughters but he is so obsessed with his work that they are not really a part of his life. The force driving Jake is strong enough for him to lose himself in drinking and women. Still, Jake’s daily focus is entirely on his work and the more time he spends trying to make sense of the different suspects they are watching, the more he feels he is missing the bigger picture. What was the motive behind both the bombings of July, 7th and 21st 2005? Are they related to London being the next host for the Olympics? As information is hard to come by and the different departments have difficulty working together, the question is whether Jake will be able to find out who is responsible and bring the culprits to justice.

My Thoughts

David Videcette, you have created a true-to-life character in an exciting thriller, capturing the situation regarding the 2005 bombings so well we can easily imagine the events happening the way the author describes them. Jake is such a great character you simultaneously love and hate him. He demands that his team be fully focused on the job and yet he is not! He is in need of a wake-up call to realise how self-destructive his behaviour is but, then again, he is an excellent detective with all the right instincts. It is confusing, exhilarating and sometimes downright irritating when Jake again gives in to the lure of alcohol or lust. The novel is well-written and the short chapters are in line with the urgency of Jake’s mission as well as the pace of the novel. A remarkable thriller providing us with insights into Police procedure and how the different branches of the Police sometimes have difficulty cooperating! The Theseus Paradox is simply a cracker of a thriller!

Next up in the Detective Jake Flannagan Series: Book #2: The Detriment (my review).

About the Author

David Videcette Author Image

As a Metropolitan Police detective, David Videcette has worked on a wealth of infamous cases.  He’s placed bugs on scores of vehicles, searched hundreds of properties, chased numerous dangerous criminals and interviewed thousands of witnesses. A former Scotland Yard Investigator with twenty years’ policing experience, including counter-terror operations and organised crime, David was a key investigator on the 7th July 2005 London bombings. He has been awarded several police commendations, including one for outstanding detective work and perseverance which led to his discovery of a 7/7 bomb factory during operation Theseus.

Book Info

 Paperback   438 pages
 Publisher   Videcette Limited; 1 edition (19 Nov. 2015)
 Language   English
 ISBN-10   099342631X
 ISBN-13  978-0993426315

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