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This Little Piggy – Rob Ashman

Oh gosh, what a terrifying and nail-biting plot This Little Piggy has! Never again will a children’s rhyme be just that for me… A maniacal murderer with not only one plan to meticulously execute… it is gruesome and horrifying and most of all.. lethal! What a tangled web is woven and will our DI Rosalind – Roz – Kray be able to connect the dots before it is too late?


DI Rosalind Kray #2

“This little piggy went to the market
This little piggy stayed home…”

DI Rosalind – Roz – Kray has the pleasure of being ‘acting DCI’ and thus, head of CID with, among others, DI Colin Brownlow under her. As you can understand from their previous case (‘Faceless’) both are not totally overwhelmed by joy to work together. Soon, they have no other option because a brutal murder has been committed n such a cruel way, that the motive has to be personal.

We get an insight into the killer’s mind and start to get an inkling of the vicious and bitter thoughts hurtling through their mind. Their work makes you sick to the stomach but somehow, for the bloodthirsty killer, it is an inspiration… With all the politics going on at the police station, will Roz be able to find the murderer before it is too late? Before yet another victim falls into the killer’s most malevolent hands?

My Thoughts

The Prologue sets you on high alert from the start and chapter one just tops it off! Did I really want to read on? Oh yes, I did! Rob Ashman has once again delivered a powerful and gripping thriller and I felt compelled to read one more page, one more chapter.. in the end, I stayed up until deep in the night because seriously, you cannot leave the narrative until you have reached the very last page. Every time Roz’ scar starts to tingle we just know something is going to happen… This Little Piggy is utterly shocking even though there is a nice positive thread going through the book.. no, I will not tell you what it is!

I am unsure whether I’ll ever be able to eat pork again, Rob Ashman, did you really need to describe in detail certain events?! Roz Kray is rapidly becoming a favourite character with her flaws, her fear of living (don’t ask, just read the series!), and excellent detecting skills. I loved her interaction with her colleagues, especially Taverner and guess what, DI Colin Brownlow is there too! Oh joy…  The second book in the DI Rosalind Kray series is well-written with that undertone of sarcasm I just love. It is a spellbinding and engrossing detective, nay, psychological thriller – I highly recommend it!

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About the Author

Rob Ashman Author Image

Rob Ashman is a British author, originally from Wales but since twenty years now living in North Lincolnshire with his wife and two daughters. Rob worked, as most Welsh Valley boys did, in a coal mine before entering University. He worked in a variety of consulting jobs until he finally decided to ‘listen to the voices in his head’ and start his writing career. The story of ‘Mechanic’ is a book that somehow was stuck in his head for almost twenty-five years; when, due to personal circumstances, Rob had to take a three-months leave to care for his parents, writing down the story in his head became his way of coping. The result of four years of writing: the birth of ‘The Mechanic Trilogy’ a thrilling crime series.

Book Info

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Pages  242
 Publisher  Bloodhound Books (21 May 2018)
 ISBN (paperback)  9781912604463
ASIN (e-book)  B08B7WY1GQ

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