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Detective, Mystery & Thriller

Time to Play – KA Richardson

The third book in the North East Police Series features the Sunderland Dive Team and involves sick criminals and shocking events as human trafficking


Forensic Files #2

When the threat of violence is upon you, can you escape the gruesome fate awaiting you? You are savagely taken away from the country you grew up in and now far from home. No one will miss you or notice your disappearance, you are on your own. Where do you find the strength to go on, to stay alive and keep up hope?


Elvie has been abducted in her country and sent abroad with other girls in a container – most of the girls barely survive the ordeal. Elvie tries to help Nita, who is in a bad condition but sadly for Nita, they take her away, hook her on heroin and rape and abuse her before handing her over to become a sadistic and torturous man’s captive. Elvie, who understands and speaks a little bit English (unbeknown to her abductors) and hears the men talking about her saying “..pure. She will bring much money.”

The Sunderland Police Force is yet oblivious to the gruesome and sickening events and horrors they will encounter. In this book the Dive Team of Sunderland features prominently, with team members Sergeant Colin Sharp ‘Sharpie’, Mac, Doc, Buck and newbie Connor whose mother has Alzheimer’s and his father refuses to let her be taken into a home. Buck or Marlo Buchanan is the only female team member.

When a body is seen floating in the river Wear Buck is on call as is attending DI Ali McKay on behalf of the CID Sunderland. If you have read the first two books in the North East Police Series you may recall Ali, the brother of DI Alex McKay, who transferred to the Sunderland Police Force recently. Although Marlo does not like working with another new DI, she and Ali connect and discover that they live in the same apartment building.

When the first murdered body is discovered, an investigation follows involving the whole of the Sunderland Police Force working overtime as there are multiple crime scenes to process and seemingly unrelated explosions of violence. While Connor is desperately struggling with his personal issues the Police are under pressure to get results. Are they able to find out what is happening and rescue the abducted girls and prevent those sick criminals from abusing and hurting others?

My Thoughts

As always KA Richardson writes excellently, providing the reader with insights into the minds of truly evil people and showing a brutal and harsh world existing around us. We don’t see it, but we know it’s there, the cruelty and human trafficking, causing so much suffering and agony. As much as I loathed the horrible events in this book, it does fulfil the author’s purpose “to raise awareness – human trafficking is real, it’s dangerous and it’s close to home.” You cannot deny the reality confronting you in this captivating crime thriller.

The Forensic Files Series consists of crime thrillers with the CSI Team and Police Force of Sunderland. This third book of the series focuses on the Sunderland Police Dive Team. It can be read as a stand-alone. The other titles in the series:
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#2 Time to Play 
#3 Watch You Burn (my review)
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#5 From the Dark

About the Author

KA Richardson Author Image

KA (Kerry) Richardson grew up in North East England and she is still living there with her husband Peter. What might be her earliest memory is of hand-writing small books, stapling the sides and giving them to teachers and other people as gifts. Needless to say, she has always been an avid reader: from Enid Blyton and Willard Price to Patricia Cornwell and Jonathan Kellerman.

Kerry Richardson’s dream of working for the Police was shattered when she damaged her knee and that is when she enrolled at University of Teesside and passed her Bsc Crime Scene Science in 2008 after which she started working in the forensics field. Her “already active imagination began working overtime” in the author’s own words and that is when she decided to complete her MA Creative Writing whilst working full time. Kerry reads whenever she can and it comes as no surprise that her taste bends towards the crime genre.

Book Info

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 Paperback   272 pages
 Publisher   Bloodhound Books (22 Sept. 2016)
 Language   English
 ISBN-10  0995511187
 ISBN-13  978-0995511187

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