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Torment – David Evans

DI Strong and journalist Souter once again combine forces to investigate the cases of young women reported missing and a coldblooded Eastern European mob


The Wakefield Series #2

This is the second in ‘The Wakefield Series’ by David Evans. In the first book, ‘Trophies’, we met DI Colin Strong and his team of the Wakefield CID – among which DS Kelly Stainmore and DC Luke Ormerod. We have seen Strong reconnect with his old schoolmate Bob Souter,  a journalist with the Yorkshire Post in Wakefield. The two men seem to work well together – Souter providing the necessary information to Strong’s investigations.


The events in the Prologue take place in 1989: a man disposes of a female body he just “shut up” as he calls it. As much as he is lacking any feelings of responsibility he knows what he did was wrong as he lays her down “next to the other one” and panics for fear of being found in the vicinity of the bodies. Eleven years later in 2000, Susan receives an unpleasant telephone call saying “I lifted another one last night … she looks a right goer an’ all … I thought you might want to have some fun with her before we have to get rid… Fancy it tonight?” The message is not meant for Susan and the name Gaz who is addressed in the message she does not recognise. But Susan is an aspiring journalist and curious enough to investigate the case. It does not take long before Susan disappears and a missing persons’ enquiry is set in motion. The case goes to Strong’s team, actually acting DCI Strong following the events from the first Wakefield detectives book ‘Trophies’.

Strong feels awkward sitting at his former chief’s desk knowing that some will blame him for stepping in. The two lifelong friends Strong and journalist Souter again combine forces and dedicate themselves to the investigation. To make matters more complicated, other young women are reported missing, luxury cars are being stolen, local rogues seem to be involved and there is talk of an Eastern European mob. When a nasty murder is committed more disturbing and dark crimes are discovered leading the Police away from Wakefield. Still, it is unclear how the Prologue is connected to the crimes of the present day. The book title ‘Torment’ refers to whose agony and will that person ever find peace, lay his or her torment to rest? Perhaps the misery and anguish are felt by more people, all for different reasons.

My Thoughts

‘Torment’ is the second book in ‘The Wakefield Series’ and the continuing line of characters is evolving in book #2 as is the friendship between the two men, journalist Souter and policeman Strong who now cooperate and socialise. And yet I felt like something was lacking. I think it is the personal life, that came more to live in the first book. For instance, the dinner party is all about the developments in the different criminal cases. ‘Torment’ is an enjoyable detective book with gripping plots and a dark mystery. I would recommend reading ‘Trophies’ first but it can be read as a stand-alone. Where the scene for the first book stays within Yorkshire, in this second book the crime scenes expand to the county of Suffolk. It is interesting and informative to see the interaction between the various police departments. Next up and the third book of ‘The Wakefield Series’ is ‘Talisman’.

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About the Author

David Evans

David Evans is a Scots-born writer who found his true love as well as his inspiration for this detective series in Wakefield. Having written all his life, in 2012 he decided to go for it – and successfully since he became a CWA Debut Dagger Shortlist novelist in 2013.

Book Info

Torment is available from Amazon:

Pages 330
 Publisher Orchard View Publications (1 Nov. 2018)
ASIN (ebook) B07J9VY8CM

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