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Tragic Deception – Linda S. Prather & M.A. Comley

UK Police Officer Alexandra Fox has moved to join the New York Police in order to find the man, responsible for her sister’s murder: the Escape Artist.


Deception Series #1

Thrilled to read the first in a brand new detective series – what a fantastic crime novel! I just couldn’t stop and leave Alexandra Fox, the UK policewoman now working for the New York Police Department. She’s about to lose her job but is given one more chance by her commander Patterson who hates her guts. If Alex can find the criminal, responsible for abducting three babies, she can stay. Alex has a week to find the kidnapped babies to prove her ability. Alex cannot quit, she’s on a secret mission of her own to prevent a serial killer from torturing and murdering New York police officers.


Alexandra Fox is a UK policewoman who recently came to New York to work for the NYPD with an ulterior motive: she wants to find and kill the “monster” that “lurked in their midst” who would consider New York as his “perfect playground.” Apparently, the criminal is responsible for torturing Scarlet, but who Scarlet is we, the readers, have yet to find out. For now, it is only morning and Alex has just been suspended, again one might say, by her chief, Commander Patterson who would sack her given the opportunity. Plus this time he has warned Alex: she has one week to find three kidnapped babies abducted from three different families, no clue whatsoever as to the culprit. She has to investigate without her badge or colleagues to back her up.

For Alex’s ulterior motive it is essential she stays within the NYPD so she needs to bring the missing babies back to their parents. Together with her dog and cat Alex lives in an apartment, part of the house of retired Sergeant Matt ‘Nobby’ Adams. He and Chief Brown, the British old family friend who is her and Commander Patterson’s superior at the NYPD, are the only two friends Alex has. Chief Brown is already aware of her suspension and informs Alex of the new Special Investigations Unit he’s forming, which he wants Alex to join. Finding the babies and apprehending the culprit is even more necessary now. Nobby decides to help Alex, but they are disappointed to discover no new leads or any connection between the three families.

There is something peculiar going on and Alex is determined to get to the bottom of it, to keep her job with the NYPD as well as to be able to hunt down the Escape Artist the torturous murderer of her sister Scarlett. Alex is resolved to capture and slowly kill him. But her first mission is to bring back the kidnapped babies to their parents. How to find their whereabouts with no lead to follow, Alex and Nobby the only people to investigate. Is it a crazy idea to get an imprisoned criminal psychologist aboard? Someone who is responsible for killing the murderers of his wife in the most brutal way? As it turns out it is a brilliant idea:  Blake Morgan’s sharp mind is able to spot blanks in the investigation.

Thus Alex is provided with important insights into the crime scenes and the behaviour of the parents. When unexpectedly more assistance is offered Alex welcomes the help. Can the babies be saved? Why are the parents behaving so strangely? And where is the Escape Artist hidden, what gruesome murders is he planning? Follow Alex Fox, the woman with a tragic past, on her hazardous path to find the babies and capture the abductor whilst constantly being on the alert for leads to her sisters’ murderer. Alex has much to learn, like cooperating with and working in a team, but she knows danger is near: if she is unable to bring the babies back alive she has no chance of keeping her job and tracking down ‘The Escape Artist’.

My Thoughts

I loved this crime thriller! It’s an exciting read and before you know it you are in the middle and just cannot stop until the last pages are read. The story is intriguing and very well written, it is amazing how these two authors have found the one fabulous voice with which to write the terrific plot. The thrilling crime novel is an enjoyable read and the protagonist, Alexandra Fox, is someone you can easily connect with. She has been through quite something, she has come to New York on a mission of revenge but at the same time she is vulnerable and it’s easy to feel empathy for her. Plus I loved watching Alex’s character evolving, growing, finding her way in New York and within the NYPD, starting to trust colleagues around her. This book comes highly recommended and I cannot wait to read the next one in the series: ‘Sinful Deception’ (my review).

About the Authors

Linda S. Prather Author Image

Linda S. Prather is an American author living in Lexington, Kentucky, who has always liked things outside the norm. She has studied metaphysics, including areas of dream analysis and meditation and became a paranormal investigator. The power of the mind has always fascinated Linda and in her writings, she combines her love for mysteries with her love for the paranormal.  As an author Linda strives, in her own words “to create stories and characters that readers and love and hate, laugh and cry with and spend hours in sheer entertainment.” Linda has written series like the ‘Jacody Ives Mysteries’, the ‘Jenna James Legal Thrillers’ and the ‘Catherine Mans’ Suspense’ books.

M.A. Comley Author Image

M(el) A. Comley is a British author whose move to France enabled her to turn her writing hobby into a career and became an author. She started out writing romances but her successes were there when she decided to dive in the world of thrillers. After having tried out several jobs, from an interior designer to a barmaid, a store manager and having an own business, her true passion just could not be stopped anymore. According to Mel’s own words, she has “ found my vocation in life.” Among her works are the bestselling’Justice Series’, the ‘Intention Series’, the ‘DI Sally Parker’ thrillers, the ‘Hero Series’, psychological thrillers and the ‘A Sweet Romance’ series.

Book Info

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 Paperback   182 pages
 Publisher   CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (16  Sept. 2016)
 Language   English
 ISBN-10  1537720619
 ISBN-13   978-1537720616

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