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Tremarnock Summer – Emma Burstall

When Bramble inherits a country estate in Tremarnock, she makes the radical decision to exchange her city life for that of the lady of the manor …


Tremarnock #3

The small Cornish seaside village of Tremarnock, where everyone knows everyone else, is the location of  Polgarry Manor where Lord Penrose lived until he died. Now that he has passed, his granddaughter Bramble inherits his estate.

Bramble is perfectly happy living in London suburbia with her parents and her boyfriend, Matt. No way she is going to Cornwall, surely not. To complicate matters, her father is determined she must not go as he hated him for what he did to Bramble’s mother.

However, a year later, Bramble is heading for Cornwall to the little village and her country manor!


Bramble feels she needs to try and live in Tremarnock because “for as long as she could remember she had felt an itch… now, at last, life was about to change.” Together with her best friend Katie, the two of them want to find out whether the country life is something they might prefer to city life.

The contrast could not be greater and when they are welcomed to the manor by the austere-looking housekeeper, Maria, a shadow of doubt enters their thoughts. A house to get lost in, endless meadows surrounding it, everything looking dilapidated and neglected cause Bramble to become anxious and wonder why she ever wanted to be there. Added to that, the money is running low and renovations are desperately needed. What to do?

Meanwhile, we learn to know the residents of Tremarnock, among which are Robert, owner of the local restaurant, his wife Liz and their two daughters Rosie, a teenager and little Lowenna. Liz is concerned about a starving motherless family with a father, incapable of providing for his family. His teenage daughter has to take care of her little brothers.

Then there is Tabitha with her son Oscar, who has just moved back to Tremarnock. Tabitha is a terrific singer and performs in Danny’s cafe. The slander reaches a high when nasty events take place and rumours are flying high. Bramble wants to be part of the village but this is not as straightforward as it may look. Will Bramble stay on as the lady of Polgarry Manor?

My Thoughts

When you, like me, have not read the first two books in the series and are unfamiliar with the residents of Tremarnock, you are somewhat at a disadvantage as there are many colourful characters, each with their own, specific background.

Liz is an endearing character, as is Tabitha and the two of them are best friends. I loved the descriptions of the village and could easily imagine wandering around, admiring the flowers on Humble Hill and having a drink at Danny’s Hole in the Wall pub.

Emma Burstall has created a lovely protagonist in Bramble, someone who is desperate to embark on adventures before settling down. The mistakes Bramble makes are sometimes quite obvious and predictable but that does not detract from the novel’s charm.

This is an enjoyable summer read, perfect to take with you on holiday to .. Cornwall! Where else?!

The Tremarnock books:
#1 Tremarnock 
#2 Christmas at the Cornish Guest House
#3 Tremarnock Summer
#4 A Cornish Secret
#5 The Girl who came home to Cornwall

About the Author

Emma Burstall Author Image

Emma Burstall studied English at Cambridge University before becoming a journalist for local and national newspapers and women’s magazines. The author lives with her husband in South West London; they have three children and two fat cats called Pablo and Dolly. As well as visiting Cornwall, she likes reading (a lot) and running in Richmond Park with her friends. Tremarnock Summer is the latest in her Cornish series, set in a fictional seaside fishing village. The author says “fortunately for me, the research involves making frequent trips to my favourite part of South East Cornwall, going on long walks along the cliffs, eating cream teas and chatting with locals in cosy, out-of-the-way pubs.” Not exactly a hardship.

The author’s previous novels are The Darling Girls, Never Close Your Eyes and Gym and Slimline.

Book Info

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 Pages  384
 Publisher  Head of Zeus (05 Oct 2017)
 ISBN (paperback)  9781784972530
 ASIN (e-book)  B01N0O8JX0


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