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Detective, Mystery & Thriller

Twisted Truth – Diana J. Febry

A conspiracy theory, a reporter with an over-imaginative brain, a boy and a horse that have gone missing… and somehow, Peter Hatherall finds himself attending a pagan wedding! Oh, and there’s a murder to investigate… That and more in Diana Febry’s engaging, entertaining, and gripping detective novel, TWISTED TRUTH!

Peter Hatherall Mystery #5


When journalist Megan Roach is approached under cloak and danger with a story of murder, of cover-up, and of lives in danger she has difficulty believing it. Soon, she finds herself trapped in the conspiracy – will she unravel the truth or will it be her undoing? DCI Peter Hatherall suspects she is hiding something from him – can he believe her? And why is everyone focussed on the boy who took the horse and ran away?

Is David Prater, the influential countryman, seriously involved in killing his wife? A far-fetched story it seems. But then the old man who fed Megan the story disappears with his granddaughter. Megan meanwhile, is confronted with shocking revelations about her past. Will she be able to investigate the old man’s allegations? Why is that boy with the hoodie following her around giving her the creeps? Only one way to find out…

My Thoughts

Another book in the Peter Hatherall series that had me captivated for several hours! I love the quirky feel of Diana Febry’s detective novels, the characters and sometimes absurd goings-on in the English countryside. I could just picture Hatherall attending the wedding – made me chuckle. What I also saw were a few disturbing observations – both in Hatherall’s and in his second in command, DI Fiona Williams. I won’t say too much for fear of spoiling your read but well.. it made me think and consider why oh why…

“There was something dreadfully wrong with Megan.”

– Megan’s stepmother in ‘Twisted Truth’

As for journalist Megan, I felt like shaking her into reality but at the same time, she is brave enough to pursue her investigations no matter what. Even though I had my eyes on a suspect somewhere in the middle of the story, I still didn’t see how and why.. for that, you need to finish the book! ‘Twisted Truth’ is a detective novel with all the ingredients for entertaining and enjoyable hours of reading: a bit of humour shining through in this mix of police procedurals and personal lives of the detectives involved, suspicions and conspiracy theories galore in the the beautiful English countryside.

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About the Author 

Diana J. Febry Author Image

British author Diana Febry calls herself “an accidental writer of mysteries with quirky characters.” As you can see she loves horses and horse riding, but also dogs, books, live theatre and the beautiful countryside of Gloucestershire.

Book Info 

‘Twisted Truth’ is available at Amazon:

Pages 364 pages
ASIN (ebook) B07DK5L1YT

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  • Christoph Fischer

    I love this series. Thanks for alerting me to the newest instalment.

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