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Uncommon Cruelty – Liz Mistry

‘Uncommon Cruelty’ is harrowing and utterly distressing and it left me craving for the next book in the series – you will have to read it to understand why. Brutal, poignant, vicious and powerful this fourth book in the DI Gus McGuire series!


DI Gus McGuire #4

A devastating fire leaves five dead bodies and only one survivor: a traumatised child. One of the deceased is the social worker, a friend to DI Sandy Panesar. DS Gus McGuire does his utmost to comfort not only his DI but also the social worker’s fiance. Five years later, Gus and his childhood friend, Mo, are pondering their lives whilst relaxing at Robin Hood’s Bay. A family gathering to heal some wounds (see the previous DI Gus McGuire books). Gus’s father, Doc Angus McGuire the pathologist, is, of course, also present.
Soon, both father and son will have their hands full…

Meanwhile, in Bradford, two teenagers are worried. Not only do they feel terrible due to a few too many alcoholic (spiked?) drinks, but also, something must have happened and their friend, ‘Si’, is unaccounted for. That is just the start of it because soon, a murder is reported to the police and DI Gus has to investigate…


When James and Jayne Proctor return from a weekend away, they are surprised to see all the lights in their house on but they know who to blame: their son, Simon. He must have held a party in their absence. But soon, they wish the lights were all they had to worry about because the house is trashed and Simon nowhere around. When James finds the deceased body of a teenage girl, he has only but one option: to call the police. In come DI Gus McGuire and his DS, Alice Cooper who soon make the gruesome discovery of another dead teenage girl. What happened here? And where is Simon? What at first seemed a party having gone wrong turns into something ugly and utterly shocking when they find drugs as well as footage of bikers and teenaged girls being abused. It turns out that a Muslim ‘Young Jihadist’ group is somehow involved, as is a fundamental Christian church and to top it all, a dirty copper is hellbent on revenge.

As if that does not put enough on DI Gus’s plate, there are also disturbing blasts from the past haunting him and his DS, Alice. Will they be able to untangle it all and get those sick bastards behind bars?
A tough case for DI Gus and his detective team!

My Thoughts 

What a terrific read is this fourth book in the DI Gus McGuire series! It is dark and devastating, with harrowing events and gritty circumstances. The reader, like the detective team, is set on the wrong foot quite a few times and yes, it gets even worse. There are some really mean characters to whom lives mean nothing and who are beyond any redemption. There are hypocrites and innocents, deceivers, cheaters and downright brutal criminals. I loved catching up with Gus and his team, they are enthusiastic and supportive – and they will need to be but that is for you to find out! The interactions are written well and it is great that the author shows us the personal feelings of the detectives when faces with yet another gruesome crime. There is also another quite disturbing plotline with quite an impact… but telling you would spoil it! I recommend you read Uncommon Cruelty to find out yourself! By the way, I NEED to know what happens next, Liz Mistry!

The previous books in the DI Gus McGuire series:
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About the Author 

Liz Mistry Author Image

Liz Mistry writes crime fiction books set in Bradford, West Yorkshire. The DI Gus McGuire series is gritty Northern noir with a bit of Scottish thrown in.  She is currently researching for a Ph. D in creative writing at Leeds Trinity University. As part of her PhD, she is researching how the teen killer’s voice is portrayed in the adult crime fiction novel with specific reference to the influence of teen social media usage, with a view to writing a crime fiction novel around these issues.

Liz also teaches creative writing, specialising in crime fiction and is a regular panellist at literary festivals throughout the UK.  She enjoys reading her work at Open Mic and Noir at the Bar events. She was chosen to be one of the spotlighted authors at the Bloody Scotland crime writing festival in 2016.  She is the lead blogger for the well-renowned crime fiction blog The Crime warp which reviews contemporary, mainly UK based, crime fiction, comments on current issues around the genre and creative writing in general and interviews authors on a regular basis.

She is available to comment on current issues around creative writing in general and crime fiction in particular and to speak at local and national festivals and conferences.

Book Info 

Available at: Amazon USAmazon UK

 Publisher  Bloodhound Books (14 April 2018)
 ISBN  978-0995511156
 eBook  1569 KB

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