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Detective, Mystery & Thriller

Unquiet Souls – Liz Mistry

DI Gus and his team of the Bradford Police Force is determined to catch the dark criminals behind the British-Polish paedophiles trafficking ring 


DI Gus McGuire #1

There she lies – horribly beaten up yet again. Still, she manages to smile at him, forgive him – as so many abused wives keep on doing. Why do they stay and endure the beatings, the constant fear, the anxiety? He realises what he has done and swears to never ever hurt her again. His solution? You do not want to know because it will bring terror and agony upon many, forever crushing innocent young souls.


Seven years later Detective Inspector Angus McGuire (DI Gus) is fed up with the mandatory therapy following shocking events in which DI Gus tried to save his best friend’s wife and their little boy from the aggressive knife attack by their father. Apart from the recurring nightmares, only to be solved by getting back to work, DI Gus is ready to go back to his job. He has to because the battered body of a prostitute is found in the graveyard. The investigation leads towards her home, where horrors await Detective Sergeant Alice Cooper, McGuire’s sidekick and second in command as not only the woman’s children are neglected but hidden in the attic are many Polish children physically and mentally in a terrible state. When a murdered child is found in Poland, Sergeant Jankowski fears for more children having been abducted and smuggled out of Poland, just like twelve years ago when a British-Polish trafficking ring of paedophiles was broken.

Unfortunately, the dark criminal they called the Matchmaker had escaped. Has he yet again established a child trafficking ring? The Matchmaker’s business was kidnapping kids from Poland and selling them to his rich clientele. What follows is a desperate hunt for the Matchmaker and his associates: the Provider (responsible for kidnapping the children), and the Facilitator (arranger of the “meetings between the children and the clients“). Chilling events keep occurring: murders, assaults and the kidnap of a British girl. DI Gus, DS Alice and the team are working day and night as they feel the need to close down this child trafficking ring before any more children get hurt. When the kidnapping of a girl is reported, things get complicated and ugly. Is The Matchmaker back, seeking revenge for the past? Who are his most important associates, whom he relies upon to accommodate their “high-profile clients“?

My Thoughts

The gripping detective novel not only shows the hunt for the vile criminals but also how the people in the Bradford Police Department struggle during the investigations. It affects them profoundly, the members of the Bradford Police Force, every time they discover another gruesome detail. I loved DI Gus, desperately trying to come to terms with killing his best friend and the break-up of his marriage. The thriller is set in the West Yorkshire countryside, in the city of Bradford, where the author herself resides. I feel it is always nice to be able to connect to an existing city, where real people live and where you can look up on the map the buildings and streets mentioned. The crimes committed in this novel are horrifying, appalling and disgusting – it is a dark and gritty read. If you need to grasp what is happening, you will probably, just like me, not be able to stop until having reached the last pages of the book.

About the Author

Liz Mistry Author Image

Liz Mistry is a crime writer based in Bradford. She studied at Stirling University and taught in Bradford inner-city Primary schools for many years. She writes gritty crime fiction drawing on the richness of Bradford’s diverse cultures. ‘Unquiet Souls’ is the first in a detective series around DI Gus and his team of the Bradford Police Department. It is a powerful crime debut and I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

Book Info

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Paperback   416 pages
 Publisher  Bloodhound Books (30 July 2016)
 ISBN  978-0995511156
 eBook  577 KB (27 July 2016)

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