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Last week I openly talked about my goal for 2018 and there were so many positive reactions (even a few exciting propositions!) that I want to shout out to everyone to not be afraid in sharing your dreams and goals. It might be scary to be vulnerable but how else will people know what your dreams are and what you strive for most? Be vulnerable – show confidence in yourself!

Showing who you are is vulnerability – and doing so you show courage, strength and confidence.

For me, I felt vulnerable in saying what I want in life – and it felt good, even courageous, to share it regardless of whether I’ll succeed or fail. It reminds me of an anecdote I read years ago – about owning up to what your intentions are so you can reflect on what you achieved or not saying anything and only publicly tell when you’ve become a success. For me, the first way is the more courageous way – and my vulnerability has given me the courage to publicly state it – and given me a wonderful opportunity.

Do not be afraid to share your wishes and dreams – your goals in life.

Have a good week ahead!



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