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Will To Live – Rachel Amphlett

A man lying on the train tracks. A train approaching. This is murder! Detective Kay Hunter needs to catch the killer and follow her own secret investigation.


Detective Kay Hunter #2

Detective Kay Hunter is back with a vengeance in Will To Live. When a man is run over by a train, everyone thinks it is suicide. But it is not. This was cold-blooded murder. And whoever did it wanted the victim to suffer, to feel the fear as the train about to kill him approached. This is a cruel murder pointing to a killer who enjoys playing a sadistic game with his victim. Kay also experiences worries of her own … she has been exonerated but still, there is no clue as to who among her colleagues framed her, who took the evidence allowing a murderer to walk free.


A late walker hears screaming at the train tracks and finds a helpless man, tied to the tracks. He is in agony, hearing the approaching train and knowing what is to come. She can do nothing as the train fails to brake in time and she hears the spine-chilling cries and the sickening thud. The man is no more. Time to act for Detective Sergeant Kay Hunt because it soon becomes clear that this is murder most foul. What a sick mind the killer must have to torture a man to such a violent death. We have an insight into the thoughts of the psychopath providing us with the knowledge that he considers the murder as a ‘project’. It is obvious the man is a serial killer because he speaks of “the others” not being conscious and that fact lacked closure for him, no feeling of accomplishment. This time he stayed to watch – and got almost caught in the act! Next time he will be more careful…

Meanwhile, Kay is only starting to investigate the murder and has no idea there is a serial killer on the loose. But she is convinced the murderer has killed before and is determined to find the pattern to establish a motive. Does he pick his victims at random or is there a connection? Kay has to re-examine all the previous apparent suicides and find whether they could be cold-blooded murder after all. Apart from the case, there is Detective Chief Inspector Larch seeming to lurk all the time, watching her every move in the hope of catching her out in some way. Two of her team, Carys and Gavin, both want to pass their Detective exam and there is Kay’s mother, still nagging at her to change jobs and to be like her sister in every way. No wonder Kay is struggling to keep it together. She also undertakes a secret investigation to find out who framed her. Who among her colleagues can she trust still? The danger is coming close to home for Kay!

My Thoughts

I am so glad I followed Detective Kay Hunter from the beginning as Rachel Amphlett made her protagonist a resilient, strong, sometimes vulnerable but always dedicated and determined character. Next to her love for her husband, Kay’s passion is her work. Reading Scared to Death (Detective Kay Hunter #1) first is not essential as the author explains things at the start of this second novel featuring Kay Hunter, what her personal loss is and why her career is on hold. Still, as ever, I would suggest reading them in order! I was very excited to be reconnected to Kay again and I was not disappointed. The novel is well-written and entertaining. A fast-paced detective thriller where the personal issues, Kay’s secret investigation and the case of the psychopathic serial killer are entwined in a provocative and fascinating storyline.

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About the Author

Rachel Amphlett Author Image

Before moving from Britain to Australia in 2005, Rachel Amphlett has done many things: from running a pub to playing guitar in a band, from working for tv, radio and film to several jobs in the publishing business. Rachel loves to travel and plans her holidays years in advance. Rachel Amphlett is the bestselling author of the Dan Taylor espionage novels as well as a number of standalone crime thrillers. No wonder she is a member of International Thriller Writers and the Crime Writers Association.

Book Info

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Pages  314
Publisher  Saxon Publishing (3 Apri 2017)
Paperback (ISBN)  9780994433787
E-Book (ASIN)  B06XZHB17C

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