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Detective, Mystery & Thriller

The Woman Inside – E.G. Scott

The Woman Inside is a gripping, compelling, and intriguing psychological thriller about a toxic relationship, a woman obsessed, and secrets that cause a series of events spiralling out of control…


Rebecca and Paul seem devoted to each other. But their relationship is not what it seems to the outer world. Each has their own secrets. Each their own addiction. They’d never have thought they could mistrust the other. Maybe they do. Maybe they don’t. Perhaps they’re just so lost in their own world and their own perspective on it that they cannot fathom what the other is going through?

“Every secret has been for him. The ones I’ve kept and the ones I’ve shared. They were all necessary for the sake of our marriage.”

– Rebecca

She’s laid off. He doesn’t know. He’s planning something. She fears for what it is. She fixed people up with pills for a living but is now an addict herself. He has no idea that he is entering dangerous territory. That his whole world is about to collapse. A sinister and menacing game is being played with far-reaching consequences, threatening their future.

My Thoughts

This well-written psychological thriller cleverly builds up the anticipation and the excitement by naming the chapters ‘before’ or ‘after.’ Before or after what? Each chapter is seen from the perspective of a protagonist, and we receive fascinating insights into Paul and Rebecca’s state of mind and peeks into their life. To be honest, it was difficult to feel empathy for either of them. They were so wrapped up in their own lives that you wanted to shake them out of it.

Where Rebecca seemed stoned most of the time, Paul was so lost in his own world – he seemed oblivious to everything around him. He is working on something, we know that but why the secrecy? There are a few other characters in the book – as toxic and even plain man as themselves…

Somehow, I also felt sorry for them. Because they did not belong. Both are kind of screwed up people and when two messed up people find one another it’s not the easiest marriage nor life before them. The ‘before’ and ‘after’ chapters work well – you simply need to turn another page and there were times I felt like shouting to Rebecca or Paul to stop and just take notice of what’s going on around them. What’s going on in their relationship.

‘The Woman Inside’ is a fascinating, intriguing, shocking, and gripping thriller. The ending … not what I expected – love it!

About the Authors

E.G. Scott is a pseudonym for two New York City-based authors.

One, Elizabeth Keenan, is a writer and publishing consultant. She has worked in book publishing for eighteen years for imprints of Simon & Schuster, Penguin Random House, and Macmillan.

The other, Greg Wands, writes for the page and screen. An avid, lifelong reader, he grew up in Sag Harbor, New York, and now calls Manhattan home.

Book Info

‘The Woman Inside’ is available at:
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 PublisherTrapeze (25 July 2019 – ebook 22 Jan 2019)
ISBN (paperback)9781409185345
ASIN (ebook) B07FSSZYW2

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