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You’re Next – Michael Fowler

Scarlett Macey is devastated when ‘the Lycra rapist’ walks out of court a free man. She is determined to put him back behind bars but he has other plans…


Just before James Green, the vicious criminal also known as the ‘Lycra rapist’ will be tried in court, he is acquitted because the main witness has committed suicide rather than to be confronted with her attacker and testify in court. Detective Sergeant Scarlett Macey is shattered – she had put so much time and effort in getting her suspect, putting him behind bars with the help of an undercover operation, involving a female detective as a target for the rapist. Scarlett was sure she had him but now, James Green is once again free, a danger to women let loose on the streets…


Scarlett Macey has difficulty grasping the reality facing her and tries to drink away her sorrows. Although this is a terrible idea, somehow it brings back her former boyfriend, Alex, into her life. Not only does she still feel attracted to him, he also proves to be useful as to interpreting the leads on James Green, the ‘Lycra rapist’ sofar. Back at her workplace, the Sutton Police Station, a nasty surprise awaits Scarlett: her boss, Detective Inspector Taylor-Butler, the “last person she needs to see,” summons her into his office and informs her she should feel responsible for the suicide of her main witness. It gets worse, though. because he explicitly forbids her to go after James Green. More cases pile up for Scarlett and soon, she is up to her neck in a heartbreaking and violent death.  As if that is not enough, a colleague is in trouble, there is a threatening and chilling danger lurking in the shadows, and vicious murders take place…

My Thoughts 

You’re Next is the first book by Michael Fowler I read and I loved it! The intricate plotlines, the chilling and at times gritty scenes (not for the faint-hearted!) and deploring situations described… The perfect mix of police procedurals and private lives of the detectives – it was a pleasure to read this well-written thriller and not only that, I felt the need to finish it (alas, life prevented I read it in one session) and was drawn to the book – wanted to know how it all would end.  I also like that the author shows us a world where not everything, all the cases are automatically connected but instead, just like the ‘real’ police detectives, there is a whole lot of workload and cases to get through and you feel the agony and frustration within the team when things turn out wrong. I cannot say more for fear of disclosing the plot and that ending… made me crave for more! I was blown away by You’re Next – it definitely should be your next thriller to read!

Although You’re Next is the second book in the series, it can perfectly be read as a stand-alone – but since I always prefer to read a series in order I would suggest for those among you who have not met Scarlett Macey, to start with the first book.

The previous book in the series:
#1 Scream, You Die

The Author 

Michael Fowler Author Image

Following retirement, after thirty-two years as a police officer, working mainly as a detective, Michael Fowler returned to the deadly business of murder, as a writer. His past work brought him very close to some nasty characters, including psychopaths, and gruesome cases, and he draws on that experience to craft his novels: There is nothing gentle about Michael Fowler’s stories.

His landmark novel Heart of the Demon, published in 2012, introduced Detective Sergeant Hunter Kerr. Since the author has written five novels and a novella featuring Kerr.  He also released the first DS Scarlett Macey book in 2016. Michael Fowler is also the author of a stand-alone crime novella and a true crime thriller.

There is another side to the author’s life – a passion for art, and has found considerable success as an artist, receiving numerous artistic accolades. Currently, his oil paintings can be found in the galleries of Spencer Coleman Fine Arts.

He is a member of the Crime Writers Association and International Thriller Writers.

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Paperback  256 pages
 Publisher  Caffeine Nights Publishing (9 Nov. 2017)
 ISBN  978-1910720899
 eBook  771 KB

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