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Zenka – Alison Brodie

Combine a London mobster with a feisty Hungarian pole-dancer, a soft-hearted male nurse and many more crazy, likeable, over-the-top characters et voilà you have ZENKA: a quirky, dark, and romantic comedy. 


What have a London mobster by the name of Jack Murray, an exotic Hungarian pole-dancer named Zenka, a soft-hearted male nurse Nicholas, Trevor, a frustrated accountant and a couple of tough guys in common? And there is more…

For instance, Jack never knew he had a son but sort of adopted a psychopath, Lloyd, a sadistic low life whose Jaguar is now owned by Nicholas! A script, heading for disaster. Zenka does everything she can to direct Jack into connecting with his son but how to bring two complete opposites together?

Zenka deftly handles these things – the men in her life and her conspiracy to murder her arch-enemy, Olga. First, she has to find her and for that, she needs her penfriend’s help…


When mobster Jack Murray receives a letter from beyond the grave – written by the only woman he ever loved and informing him of the existence of a twenty-six-year-old son, Nicholas, a male nurse, by all appearances a saint, Jack is pleased as punch. At the same time, he is terrified because how can he ever let Nicholas into his life – and would Nicholas want to be when he finds out about his father’s dirty business?

When Jack’s enemies find out about his son, all hell will break loose and Jack is not prepared to let them have a go at his heir! Jack’s accountant, Trevor, feels Jack is gullible and thinks someone has crafted an elaborated scheme to get their hands on Jack’s riches. To find out more, he hires a private detective.

Meanwhile, Zenka is absolutely thrilled but a little disappointed when she realises Nicholas could not kill a fly and, on top of that, he has his girlfriend bullying him. Zenka is determined to get rid of the girlfriend and turn this softie into a real man, worthy of being Jack’s son. O, before I forget, Zenka loved Jack as a father – he saved her from a fate worse than death. She is also resolved to kill ‘Olga’ and, reading her letters home we do not want to be in Olga’s shoes as Zenka considers all sorts of murder scenarios, one more gruesome than the other… Did I mention love and violence and… but that is for you to find out!

My Thoughts

I loved Zenka! It’s a humorous, quirky novel of violence and romance, of intentions going all wrong and characters you just have to like. The language used is just like you would expect from London mobsters and the scenes are from time to time hilarious. Zenka is an ‘all-or-nothing’ character, love her or hate her but either way, she is not to be overseen!

Somehow, even if it does not involve her, it is still all about her: interspersing with the storyline are the letters she writes, simply brilliant and so much fun to read. Gradually, we witness Zenka mature but thank God, she still stays Zenka, the colourful character we have grown to love. What more can I say? The fact that coincidence plays a huge part in this novel?  Maybe but who cares when you are reading such a delightfully wicked and humorous book? Just read it!

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About the Author

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Alison Brodie is a Scottish author with ancestors going back to the French Huguenots. Hence her moving to France, where she is living at the moment. But she has lived all over the world, including Yemen and Kansas City, where ‘Brake Failure’ is situated. Her dream: living in America permanently. Before becoming a writer Alison has taken on jobs like modelling and playing a vampire in a commercial. Among Alison Brodie’s books are ‘Wild Life’ (Aug. 1, 2015) and ‘The Double‘ (Jan. 19, 2016). Alison Brodie writes, in her own words: “contemporary romance novels with a strong plotline, set against the background of a world-changing event, coupled with touches of humour, sexual tension and character transformation.

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 Publ. Date  Nov. 6, 2017

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